Winter Fugitives 2 Preview - It's An Icey Escape

What's It About?

Winter Fugitives 2 is an escape game and it features 4 characters with the same objective to flee from the Selknam prison. It's a 2D game under development by Heavy Boat and available as an early access title with more than 40 levels.

Where it Excels?

  • Good Game Mechanics.
  • Unique Character Abilities
  • Pretty Long and Intriguing

And Downpoints?

  • Lacks follow-up with story
  • AI Is Naive
  • Average graphics


Stumbling upon Android's early access games gives me the same feeling of being a PC Gamer on Steam. However there are a lot less number of titles available on the Android's early access compared Steam as developers tend to rush to 1.0 version releases. This particular title however packs in 40 levels of stealth goodness despite being in beta version.

Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles starts off in a massive prison breakout. There has been a blast at the southern wall of the prison. The characters in the game will play their roles individually at the different levels of the game. Elias Vegas aka The Last Fugitive fares up pretty nicely going as far as to Interrogate the Chief Security Officer of the Jail as well as freeing a great number of prisoners too but ends up being a prison himself. Tough luck but we got a guy with sunglasses *cough* I mean Marcus Rusek with footprint tracking goggles to save him.

I have played a somewhat similar game in the past but it was on PC and on an entirely different level of course. The job in this case was to settle a score with the King. That is exactly opposite to the objective here but it shares some core points with this game. For example, you have to avoid the guards or kill them to make your way through. Both are based on the same genre.

It's primarily based on Stealth and kill genre. Set in midst of winter, you will find snow, palm trees and naive guards everywhere. And by naive, I seriously mean naive. One of the downpoints of the game that the AI is a little to simple and easy to beat. Granted they are assigned paths and duties, similar to what it is in real life but if one guard manages to find a corpse of his buddy lying around, he should alert the others. Say change their patterns or something.

It gets tougher as you advance, the number of gates prowling around increases at each level. Your job can be to free prisoners, interrogate the head-honcho, get medicine or other stuff for your friends as you continue your quest to escape from the prison. The environment is pretty nice for a 2D game and the controls are also good.

Which brings me to elaborate a bit on the cons, basically the game is primarily about escaping a prison but lacks follow-up on the events. This is at the time and perhaps afterwards they may include more content to keep the user's attention. The graphics of the game average and pretty much similar to it's predecessor.

Summing up I would like to say that this game can really take your time and intrigue you. It's pretty long. Escaping a prison isn't a child's game afterall.

Early Access Rating: 3.5/5

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