Monowear Brings Wireless Charging For Your iPhone and Apple Watch With MonoCharge

Wireless charging. It's an intriguing way to power up your smartphone without the hassle of wires going here and there around the house. Combine that with portability as well as being able to charge your Apple Watch. This is what MonoCharge intends to do.

Being funded on Kickstarter currently, MonoCharge is modular wireless charging accessory which can be used to charge both your iPhone and it's Apple Watch companion. It's has a pyramidal design which can be used to charge three devices at the same time. This includes the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. It utilizes Qi Charging Ready technology which is found on Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Lumia devices. The creator will provide a special case to enable wireless charging on your iPhone.

Watch the Kickstarter video below for more details:

The whole bundle starts off at a rather cheap $90 which includes the Wireless charger, Apple Watch charging station and the phone case. If you are interested to know more about the project, then check out their Kickstarter.

What are your thoughts about this project?

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