This Is The Upcoming Nexus Phone By HTC

The above picture showcases the design of the upcoming Nexus Smartphone from HTC. We anticipate an aluminium finish with no camera hump. The picture has been created by the Staff of Android Police who claim they got the specs from a very credible source. They were pretty confident in stating that this is the design of Marlin and Sailfish.

 The pictures however failed to impress BGR I might add, they touted it as "hideous" and even compared its design with HTC EVO 4G LTE. Personally the sound of aluminium finish seems very tempting and being a former Nexus 5 user which had a matte finish, the design of Nexus smartphones is always great.

There is also a Nexus Phone from Huawei coming this year again as well as smartphones manufactured by Google itself. What are your thoughts on this design? Are you impressed by their choice?

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