Apple Is Opening Free iOS Developer Academy For More Than 200 Students

Apple is making every effort to offer developers incentives to make app for their ecosystem. It is expected that Apple will open an iOS Developer Academy at the University of Naples and the course will start from October.

The Academy will include exclusive lectures as well as provide latest Apple technology for students to develop and experiment their apps and software on. Students can apply at the University's website for admission. They will be required to take a test in English or Italian and if successful, they will be called for an interview.

The first semester will focus on individual development skills and enhancing the student's ability to write bug free code. Second semester will focus on creation, execution as well as teamwork to release software into the Apps Store.

Apple's CFO statement to the press was:
We are thrilled to be working with Università di Napoli Federico II to launch the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe.
Plans for a development center in Europe were also detailed by Tim Cook in January with expectations to expand to other countries soon as well. What are your thoughts on this program?

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