Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Is The Most Popular Android Smartphone In The World

AnTuTu's latest research shows that Samsung's Note flagship is the most popular smartphone in H1 2016 while Galaxy S6 comes in second place. It should be noted here that the Note 5 beats the Galaxy S6 by a fair margin.

This research reveals some surprising results. For example, 4 positions in this graph alone are taken by smartphones from Chinese manufacturers which shows they are slowly gaining popularity. A few days back we reported Huawei had sold 28 million smartphones in Q1 2016 which is significant growth from last year.  Five positions have been secured by Samsung while 1 goes to LG G3.

And below given are the most popular Android smartphones in the US. As you would expect, Samsung Galaxy Note series are tad more popular than any of their rivals:

Lastly, this graph below shows the most popular smartphones in China:

What are your thoughts on these rankings? Do they surprise you? Let us know!

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