Samsung Conducts Smartphone Battery Test - Guess The Winner?

We have had numerous battery tests by manufacturers and developers over the past. Microsoft for instance conducted a battery test to showcase the power efficiency of Edge but it got its fair share of criticism from Opera for neglecting certain settings and using a beta version. This one however compares some popular flagships which include Sony Xperia X, HTC 10 and more.

The test basically plays a specific video over and over again on the phones. At last place was LG G5 which managed to last 6 hours and 31 minutes and it was soon followed by Huawei P9 which stuck around for 6 hours, 51 minutes. Sony Xperia X lasted for 7 hours and 15 minutes while HTC 10 kept on going for 8 hours and 3 seconds. After that we have the iPhone 6S which died at 8 hours, 13 minutes.

At second surprisingly, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which lasted around 10 hours, 30 minutes and Galaxy S7 managed to outperform its bigger sibling by half an hour. One begs to question where was Samsung's most popular phone, The Note 5, in midst of all these tests.

Where Is Samsung Galaxy Note 5?
It is highly surprising to see the Samsung Galaxy S7 outclass its bigger variant considering the fact that the phablet has bigger battery than its smaller counterpart. Perhaps the sunlight and adaptive brightness played a role here?

What are your thoughts regarding this test?

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