Press Release - Ooznest Launches New Hobby CNC

This week Ooznest have released the Ooznest OX, the latest addition to their 3D machine kit line up. The Ooznest OX is a high specification CNC router kit based on the original OX CNC machine by Openbuilds. The Ooznest OX brings manufacturing back to the home and allows users to make functional parts from woods, plastics and aluminum. The Ooznest OX is a full machine kit, it builds upon their existing mechanical kit, and has been in demand since the mechanical kits release.

Who are Ooznest?

Ooznest are a UK company started by Cambridge University Engineer graduate Ryan Lock during his studies in 2013. Since Ryan graduated and took up Ooznest full time it has grown year on year. With its roots originally in 3D Printing, Ooznest is now expanding their reach into all areas of the maker movement, their latest kit focusing on the hobby CNC market.

About the Ooznest OX

The Ooznest OX uses the very popular V-Slot extrusion system, this provides the machine with extremely smooth and accurate linear motion. It has NEMA23 stepper motors driving all axes, with GT3 belt motion on the X & Y axes, and an ACME lead screw driven system on the Z. The machine uses the CNC xPro for motion control, and included cable carriers for safe machine operation. Existing Ooznest kit owners have come to appreciate the high quality manuals included with their machines. The same applies to the Ooznest OX, with two printed manuals in the box covering the mechanical assembly and electronic setup.

The fully loaded Ooznest OX is available in a range of sizes from 500x750mm (£969) up to 1500x1500mm (£1202,50). It also available as just a mechanical kit starting at £570, providing a base platform for people to build the machine they want using different electronics and motors to fit their individual needs. The price point of the kit makes it an attractive option for many people and applications, ranging from hobbyists to woodworkers to researchers.

The Ooznest OX is now available to purchase, more information can be found at:

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