Huawei Has Sold 28.3 Million Smartphones In Q1 2016 Alone

Huawei has experienced a significant growth in its smartphones' sales with a massive 65% year-on-year increase. This indicates that they are right on track for their 140 Million target for the rest of the year. Imagine the sales to skyrocket when the Mate is announced in September.
2.6 million Units each of Huawei P9 and P9 Plus have been sold in the past 2 months alone which dictates a significant growth and increase in revenues for Huawei, especially in the flagship segment. These figures are also an insight that Huawei's sales are increasing around the world partly due to its efforts and partnership with Google Nexus as well.
What are your thoughts about these figures? How far up will Huawei go? Sign off in the comments.

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