Apple Watch Is A Colossal $10 Billion Business After Just 1 Year In The Market

For those who think that Apple's wearable device is not doing well on the market should read this new report. An analyst has put his weight behind Apple Watch and he says that it was a $10 Billion business even before the new watchOS 3 update at this year's WWDC.

Veteran analyst Neil Cybart put out a lengthy analysis on Above Avalon in which he particularly analyzed Apple's revenue earnings from the past year as well as a comprehensive dissection into Quarterly revenues in which Apple experienced a significant growth of revenue from Other Products(Apple Watch, IPod etc). Units of Apple Watch which were sold in its first year exceeded the iPhone during its launch year, an extremely impressive feat considering the iPhone had zero competition at that time. The Apple Watch had to compete with a ton of competition in the market which include the likes of Huawei Watch, Moto 360, Fitbit and so on.

To value Apple Watch financial revenues, he used 2 items: Financial metrics, valuation framework. And from he concluded that Apple currently retails products at 2.6x Price/revenue ratio which greater than both Fitbit and GoPro combined, these are the veterans of the wearables market I should add.

You can read the entire analysis here. What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch? Do you think its possible for it to be a $10 Billion business? Sign off in the comments.
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