Microsoft Paid $10,000 To Consumer For Illegally Upgrading Her PC to Windows 10

In this week's surprising cases and legal lawsuits, Microsoft has backed down from a case and given $10,000 to a customer for illegal upgradation of her PC to Windows 10 which caused it to become "slow and unreliable" as stated by her.

Microsoft however clarified in a statement that they backed out to avoid further litigation charges for the consumer. It is quite obvious that a company like Microsoft can delay trials as long as possible but they backed out for the consumer's sake. The consumer reportedly said that she didn't authorize the update of her PC to Windows 10. For some reason however, her PC became frustratingly slow and as it was the backbone of her travel agency business Sausalito, Calif. things just become even worse.

Microsoft's statement to press was:
"We’re continuing to listen to customer feedback and evolve the upgrade experience based on their feedback"
Microsoft has been severely criticized for their campaign to get Windows 10 to 1 Billion users by 2018. Their methods have become a bit unorthodox such as clicking on close button on the update window doesn't stop the update. There were also some concern related to privacy and controversy on Wifi Sense which they disabled afterwards.

While I personally have used Windows 10 on a fairly old laptop which equips a Dual Core with 4GB RAM, I believe the performance is satisfactory and pretty similar to that of the previous versions. It is very likely that we are looking at a rare case here.

What are your thoughts about this case? Have you been a victim to such issues? Let us know!

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