Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Smartphone - Part 2

Last time we explored what you should look in the smartphone's spec sheet if you are considering it from a performance stand point. Now we will explore the smartphone's build and design plus consider factors that make a premium smartphone.

This will be a relatively short guide and an easy one!


Plastic or rubber? Matte finish or a polycarbonate design? These are some questions that pop up when you are checking a smartphone in a local store.

Let's face it, you want your smartphone to have premium feel. Despite of what it houses on the inside, you want your smartphone to look good. And that's where design and build of the smartphones comes along.

Let's classify today's top smartphone manufacturers with their design standards:
  • Metal back Design: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S5 and so on.
  • Matte Finish: Nexus and LG Phones
  • Plastic Rubber Back: Most Low-end phones in today's era

Metal Back Smartphones

The most premium smartphones offer cool, metal back designs which are great in build quality and are quite rigid. Traditionally, all IPhones have been coming in metal designs and Samsung adopted this model with the announcement of Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. Then afterwards they adopted a similar strategy with the release of their new Flagship: Samsung Galaxy S6.

While these smartphones offer premium design and feel, the biggest sacrifice one has to make is the exclusion of microSD card slot plus a non-removable battery. The biggest complain of any smartphone user is it's battery and the further frustration of not being able to replace is it easily is not going to be worthwhile.

However if you are satisfied on the factors listed above then by all means opt for a metallic back smartphone. Almost all top end smartphones come with metallic backs: LG, Huawei are also some notable names in this list.

Matte Finish

Nexus Smartphones are the prime examples of mobiles with Matte finish. They are rigid with excellent design and offer smooth, fresh feel plus they come in colorful designs. And regrettably they have the same flaws as with Metallic back smartphones, no microSD card slot and non-removable battery in most cases.

Plastic Rubber Back

Almost all smartphones from the price of $100-$350 have Plastic rubber back designs. The build design may not all feel good and general impression is that you are holding a rather cheap smartphones. These have microSD card slots and removable battery. But I should clear something up here, Not every smartphone with plastic design may feel as a cheap one. It depends a lot on build quality and user preference too, the manufacturer to could have some styling to give it a unique look e.g Note 3 has a Faux Leather back design.

For Windows Phones: Poly-carbonate Designs

Windows Phones are generally available in polycarbonate designs. Not only are these extremely simple in design but they are also available in a variety of eye-catching colours but they are quite rigid and great in build quality.

That's pretty much the classification of smartphones regarding the design and build quality. Keep a look out for Part 3 in which we will discuss some more factors to keep in mind when buying a smartphone!

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