Exclusive Interview With Christopher Li: Visionary Behind BriteSide

Previously we informed you about BriteSide, a project which intends to remove negativity off your Facebook's feed. We got in touch with Christopher Li, the developer of this app to get to know more about his app.

Below is the interview questions and answers, Enjoy:

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Chris.
I'm an engineer and an entrepreneur with several projects already under my belt, the latest of which is a SaaS company I started called Boomerang.io. I caught the entrepreneur bug early during the IOS "GoldRush" and have never looked back since. I think it's my calling.
Q. What motivated you to build BriteSide? Is there any Specific reason you will be releasing the app first on iOS?
I was motivated to build BriteSide really because I wanted it myself. I'm a generally positive person and it helps to stay positive by ridding the negativity in my life. I decided on IOS first because I have more experience with it and it will be easier/faster to get that version into the public's hands and see what can be modified/changed/improved for the Android Version.
Q. What is the Sentiment Analyzer? Could you elaborate how it will be determining which posts are suitable for the user? 
A sentiment analyzer is basically a self learning program that scores phrases in a scale between completely negative to completely positive. This score is determined by an algorithm that associates certain words in that phrase to have a negative or positive sentiment. Be preloading the program a database of words and their associated sentiment levels, it can determine the sentiment score of a phrase that is comprised of said words. As the program continues to be used, it will learn new words and their associated sentiment levels to become smarter. Along with the scores of the phrases, every user will also have a sentiment threshold score. Basically if the phrases used in a facebook post doesn't have a score higher than the user's threshold score, it will not be visible to that user.

 BriteSide Promotional
BriteSide Promotional
Q. The minimum Donation for BriteSide is $10 on Kickstarter which is a little steep compared to other apps. What's the reason behind this Price? 
Funny that you asked :), I have since added a new minimum donation of a $1 that should be a lot more appetizing for everyone.
Q. Will the App be Paid or Free once it's released to App Store?  
The app will be free once released.
Q. Facebook Plans to change the Like button by introducing Expressions. Will there be any effect of this on your App? 
My initial thinking is no since the expressions will be reactions to a post. That post can still be negative or positive, but it's tough to say if it will or won't have any affect on the App until we can all try it out. When it is released I think we'll know more.
Q. Will there be any Advertisements on BriteSide? 
BriteSide will be ad free for quite awhile.
Q. Do you have any plans of Launching a Website for BriteSide after the Android Release? You can't deny that Facebook receives a high number of users from the PC segment, so are you planning to exploit this market?
If the market demands it, then it will be something to think about. Our initial goals are for mobile adoption, but there's no reason to count out a Web version of BriteSide.
Q. What is your advice to Freshman Entrepreneurs and App Developers from around the world?
My advice is if you're thinking about starting something, stop thinking, and just dive into it. There's nothing wrong with planning, making sure your ducks are in a row, making sure to mitigate all of the downsides... But you can prepare forever. Sometimes it's best to just take the leap and figure it out along the way. It forces you into action mode instead of planning mode. Many great things required planning, but all great things required action.
Thank you Chris for your time!
Now on to you the reader, be sure to leave us your thoughts regarding this Project.

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