GateKeeper Review: Privacy In Your Pocket

People have fingerprint scanners on their computers, strong passwords and some even download Facial Recognition software but why not keep it simple with Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper is a proximity sensor device which locks and unlocks your computer based on your distance from your PC.

This device amassed $40,000 on Kickstarter to introduce a new method of privacy for not only the corporate sector but the simple customer as well. With a built in Proximity Sensor and Indicator in case you lose it, we judge whether this device is worth to be paired with your systems or not?

Unboxing and Design

Gatekeeper comes in a small black box weighing just 36 grammes keeping it simple and reducing the shipping costs. In the box you will find:
  • One Gatekeeper Key and it's USB Lock for connection with your PC
  • Two CR2032 Batteries
  • One Key Ring and the Quick Start Guide
Gatekeeper itself has been very wonderfully crafted. The device boasts a shiny, smooth plastic design with curved edges. I only noticed a little gap between the casing and battery cover after inserting in the battery but it was negligibly small to be classified as a design flaw.

The USB key is the thing that will be connecting with your system. It's basically a modem that will sense the location of the Gatekeeper key and its distance from your PC. It will automatically install the required software or if that doesn't work then you can download it from the base site at

1 CR2032 battery has an average lifespan of 3 to 6 months so no battery life problems here whatsoever.


As I mentioned above, the entire Gatekeeper functioning relies on the USB key. Being a proximity sensor it detects your device's location from the PC. Their PC Software has settings to streamline the lock and unlock sequence regarding your requirement.

 The device needs some tries to become consistent to your required settings however it certainly has some impressive response timings. I tested the device in my own room. As I walked out, the computer would instantly lock. I came back in and held the key up, the computer automatically unlocked which shows the accuracy of the device. However, there were times when it would not lock even when the Gatekeeper key was in the TV lounge which indicates a little inconsistency in the device.

Each Gatekeeper, in this case, is differentiated from one another through a special Mac Address or key. Don't think of unlocking your computer with anyone else's MAC key because that ain't going to work.

Then everyone has the question: What would happen if I lose it? Well, there is an app specifically for this which allows you track your Gatekeeper in case it is lost. So you don't have to worry about losing your keys again either.


Without the USB Key, the Gatekeeper is nothing but a box. This isn't exactly a limitation but be sure not to lose the key or else this product will be useless as security for your PC at least.

When you have installed Gatekeeper, you still have the password option available on your system. Technically if someone has your system's password he can still log in. This I consider the biggest flaw of this device. I think there should be an option in Gatekeeper settings to remove the password login and use Gatekeeper as the only login. Some may argue that even Fingerprint scanners have passwords as alternatives but if someone needs only one way to log in, then it should either be Gatekeeper or a password.


Gatekeeper is a simple yet innovative product. It introduces a new era of security for the corporate sector. I definitely recommend this device in case you can't remember passwords or just need an extremely quick login and logout with only one-time setup and install.
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  • Wonderful Design
  • Great Response Time
  • Easily Located if misplaced


  • Inconsistent at times

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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