iPad Mini 2 With Retina Review

iPad Mini 2 was released in October last year with stunning upgrades from its predecessor. Apple iPad Mini 2 is powered by 64-bit Dual Core A7 chip with PowerVR G6430 GPU. RAM is expected to be 1 GB as Apple never reveals it. It has 7.9 inches screen with 2048 x 1536 resolution. It has 1.2 Megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera without Flash. Up to 10 hours battery life and a price tag of $399 for 16 GB WIFI model.

Light weight and metallic design. My device has a black cotton cover on it making it even more attractive. It has all the previous characteristics of its predecessor as well as a few upgrades. The design has no faults. We can only complain about it being non-durable. Keep your iPad safe and away from high falls because if it falls.... then Good luck!

The IPad runs iOS 7 which pretty much has everything simple and sleek. An assortment of pre-installed apps are also available but not any bloatware. Unlike Samsung, Apple appreciates the simplicity and so do we.

IPad Mini provides fluid performance. Demanding games such as Asphalt 8, NOVA, Infinity Blade and Batman Arkham Origins run flawlessly on it. I personally tested the Asphalt and Batman. I enjoyed both of them thoroughly with a hint performance loss at any point.
This fact can also be verified by the obnoxious 3DMark IceStorm Unlimited Benchmark Score:

As you can see from the result, our device even outrun the iPhone 5s by a few 10 points. This clearly displays the potential the Tablet upholds within its casing.

Everyday use of the tablet is a breeze. The device runs smoothly even when there are about 5-10 apps running in the background. From browsing on the web to chatting, it multitasks very smoothly. So, if you are out to run demanding applications, then this is the right tablet for powerful performance and breathtaking graphics.

As stated above, The iPad Mini has a 5-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front camera. Without flash, the pictures can suffer some bad effects here and there but the tablet held its own while I was giving it a go.

The photo above has nice details and is well focused on the flower. You can easily make out its petals etc. The background plant which is on the upper right has also been well focused despite the distance, the IPad has pretty much focused the dark green colour on the leaves.

The long distance photos lose some focus but they are still brilliant for a 5 megapixel without flash. My personal experience with a Lumia 520 was not very good which also has a 5-megapixel camera without flash, Keeping that in mind, The Ipad is a great performer and it outshines other tabs in this area.

The front camera photo has a little blur while snapping shots but the photo is well focused and well detailed. It shows that the Ipad is awesome for selfies and video calling. Truly, The Ipad is great in the imaging department.

I think the above reasoning should be pretty much to convince you to buy the tablet now. Yeah, why not just skip the negative paragraph and go to the bottom line below, yeah just scroll down. Still here? Well, I guess I have to say, the iPad has a big price for all it worth. 399 dollars is just the Wif version of the tablet with 16GB of storage.

Its competitors Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab S 10.5 etc are all at a lower price than the iPad. I will say better or worse but to be honest, iPad deserves every buck for the experience it gives you.

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