Brothers in Arms 3 Review: Just Look At that Bullet

It's not just every day you go into the Play Store and encounter a good free to play third person shooter game. That's pretty much about this game. it stands out from among the crowd and tries to offer the console level experience on mobile or just give a great experience on mobile when you are on the go.

Brothers in Arms is a title pretty synonymous and popular among gamers. It's a great shooter game on PC and Gameloft has brought it mobiles and it stand in the free to play category in which you battle out in various campaigns alongside your "brother" or just companion as you battle out your enemies in the forests or inside huge castles. You are Sergeant Wright and you experience the fallout of Normandy invasions.

As you can see in the picture, this is pretty much your natural environment. While if you are just looking to go head on and bust the enemies heads open, it doesn't work that way in this game. You have to keep your head down and take advantage of the environment otherwise the foes will not hesitate using their guns to tear apart your body from rib to rib!

You are provided with a variety of weapons available from the store but for a particular mission or say campaign you can only select one particular weapon and there is no choice. Weapons have to be upgraded using the stars and medals you gain over time.

Your mate has a special ability which you can use in almost every mission. In some, there are also more than 2 buddies but you utilise the skill of only one. Some have the ability to call an airstrike while others are skilled sharpshooters and so on. In addition, you have one additional side arm which can range from a bazooka or a Motolov etc. It depends on what you equip in the game and will have a significant effect on your style of play.

The game theoretically has a story but it's actually more based on side missions. You just follow a typical mission which is pretty short in length the action is pretty good and does get bigger as you advance. The game has a health or should I say a strength bar with a scale of 10 and keeps on increasing as you progress. This bar indicates how many missions you can perform per day and every mission has its own health requirement like 1 bar or 2 bars etc. So if you are a hardcore gamer, then you'll have to buy more health "batteries" which can also classify it as Pay to Win. And as you progress the difficulty levels of course increases which may also force you to buy consumables with real money which may not please some.

The game has a pretty good environment with eye-catching visual effects which are not usually seen in free to play games on smartphones. Gameloft's plan was to create a game with console-like graphics and in some ways, I believe they have succeeded and even pleased a majority of the audience.

The game is, I would like to say demanding. I ran it on a Nexus 5 and at the early levels, the game would crash a lot showing the presence of bugs. It has crashed about 4 to 5 times and it also heats up the phone a lot. The phone runs many other games just fine so I believe the problem has to be with the game or perhaps may Android 5.0 may have its part here. Gameloft does provide with a range of settings which you can use to set and properly optimise the game for your device whether it's fully detailed visuals or faster performance or in between.

The game is nevertheless a fun experience because if you try to search for it's possible competitors you will not find many. Brothers In Arms 3 delivers a great experience for those who want to have a fun time on their device by enjoying blowing up some heads while the icing of near console quality graphics. The game is just about 500-600 MB, so you can easily download on most devices nowadays and enjoy it if you are happy to make a compromise on the down sides listed above.

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