Clash of Clans: Raise Your Own Clan!

Bringing to you the ultimate strategy game: Clash of Clans. Once you install the game on your mobile device, you’re greeted with a mostly empty field and a few basic buildings to get you started. You get a basic town hall, army barracks, and resource-generating facilities. The game hand-holds you through the start of the game

The game revolves around PvP combat, specifically Clan-against-Clan attacks. The underlying game mechanics all support these, and the game makes that quite clear from the start. You’re more or less relegated to gathering resources and building up your defenses and army for upcoming matches.

Clash of Clans doesn't make any dramatic changes to the strategy formula, but it does make just enough refinements to recapture the genre's addictive elements. Players are on a familiar treadmill, building a base and attacking others, but the introduction of the multiplayer element and the ability to see exactly how your defenses were overcome (battles happen independently of the gameplay you see) let you learn from your mistakes. And, for players who don't want to take part in player-versus-player combat, there's a strong solo campaign.

The game gives players an adequate amount of resources to start, but, to really build a powerhouse, they'll ultimately need to rely on in-app purchases (or be extremely lucky in battles). This free app also has been one of the top-grossing apps, so many users do opt to purchase gems with real money. The AI of your troops is frustrating, though. (They'll be looting a building and be seemingly unaware that they're being fired upon.) Also, the time it takes for buildings and upgrades to be completed can get frustrating. Overall, though, this is a fine choice for strategy fans.

You don’t get any control over your army or base in the raid itself. Once the troops are plopped onto the plot of land, they will attack the nearest enemy or their priority target, like lootable buildings. The same goes for defensive buildings. Most of them have some attack pattern and prioritization, and the game’s AI will take care of the rest for you. While you don’t get directly involved in raids, you can still watch to learn where your army failed and what you need to improve.

Other players can attack your base only when you’re not actively playing the game. At the start of each session, you’ll receive a status update on previous raids and how they’ve affected your trophies and resources. You also get a chance to watch replays of all the raids that happened in the meantime. Use them to see where your defenses failed and what buildings will need an upgrade to withstand attacks in the long run.

The game's core component is its multiplayer mode, wherein players can attack the villages of other players (and defend their own), but they don't communicate with each other directly when these attacks occur -- though there is a global and intra-clan chat functionality when players are in their own villages. Fortifying a village and building an army cost money, and the game uses in-app purchases to help players buy in-game currency to upgrade quicker.

Since the game was released in 2012, it has received plenty of updates, and the developers don’t seem to be stopping that trend any time soon. New content is released pretty much every few months, which either change some of the game’s mechanics, introduces new buildings and troops, or just gives you more cosmetic options.

Ratings: 4.4/5         


  • Amazing graphics
  • Easy controls


  • In-app purchases



CPU: Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 2.2 GHz or equivalent

GPU: Kyro 260 or equivalent


Storage: 121 MB

OS: iOS 10
/Android 6.0 and up

Phone: iPhone 7/Samsung Galaxy S6 or equivalent


  • Requirements are predicted and could be bound to change as more data becomes available.
  • You are encouraged to express your feedback below. 
  • Please use our resource only as a guideline and if you spot any errors let us know.

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