NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Review: Build Your Basketball Dream Team!

Are you a die-hard basketball lover? Do you wish to have your own basketball dream team? To all the basketball enthusiasts out there, we might’ve got just the game that’ll make you go CRAZY! NBA 2K basketball isn’t just any basketball game. It allows you to choose your favourite team from a number of well-known teams & then hand-pick your favourite players to build your squad. It is not only well suited for basketball fans who know how to play but the in-game initial tutorials and the on the loop matches are designed to teach you if not all then at least some very important basketball basics.

We absolutely loved the graphics, it helps in building momentum as though the player is playing the game on a console instead of a pocket mobile.

The game allows players to collect NBA player cards to build their dream team under the games core feature called My Team. Once you create your line-up of players, you’ll be using the exact same team for all your matches regardless of the mode you’re playing in.

The game is centered around two main modes called seasons and leagues. The season’s mode is a standard mode where you play a fixed number of matches against a CPU. There are several rewards you earn by finishing a season. This can include a new player card, a new equipment piece that you can add to an existing team player to boost his stats or a collectable that you can use in the game store.

The league mode allows you to take on other players online. This mode is based on a rank system which means that the game will only pair you against such opponents whose team score is similar to yours. Hence, you’ll never face an all-star team if you have a bunch of rookies or regular players in your squad. Both the matchmaking & loading time are impressively quick so you’ll be in & out of online matches in a jiffy!

Another mode that the game allows you to play, though not as big a deal as seasons or leagues is called the drills mode. As the name suggests, this is the mode that allows you to practice with a specific player on your team in order to increase his abilities. This mode is updated on a daily basis so, every day you’ll be able to work on a different position on your roster. Completing these drills as well as being successful in other modes will reward you with draft picks. 

The draft pick is like a lottery mini-game where you select a face-down card which may result in either a brand new player, a collectable or a stat boost.

Now, as far as the game-play itself is concerned it’s pretty straightforward. On the left-hand side of your screen, the game provides you with a virtual analogue stick that allows you to move your players anywhere around the screen just like you would with a regular controller. If you’re on offence the right-hand side will present you with two buttons pass & shoot. In order to pass the ball, you press the pass button and the player you’re controlling will instantly pass the ball to the player he’s facing at that moment. It’s really all about perfect timing.

Now, if you’re on the defence you’ll see three buttons on the right-hand side of your screen. The steal button, the defend button & the block button.  To guard the opposing player you need to press & hold the defend button & then swipe to the left to steal the ball or swipe up to try & block a shot. Be very careful tough, spamming the steal button too much will result in a reach-in foul. So, correct timing is of crucial importance here as well. 

However, if you don’t feel like worrying about defence too much you can enable the auto mode by tapping on the button in the upper right corner of your screen. This will make your players play defence automatically, without you having to control their movements. While it does make your job easy, we don’t recommend that you play the game this way. It just takes away from the overall feel that you’ll normally get from this very engrossing basketball game. So, keep it manual & get your game on!

The stellar feature of the game is the in-game boost mode it provides the player with. You can enter the boost mode, by pressing the boost button. Pressing this button makes your players enter the superstar mode allowing them to play significantly better for a set amount of time. This mode helps you best in clutch situations that can help you win the game.

The in-game matches are played in two halves as opposed to the standard four quarters. The game features 400 NBA players & its on-court action and arenas are authentic which creates an immersive sense of NBA atmosphere that’s hands down impressive especially for a mobile game.

The game features an in-game store where the players can purchase packs that contain many different items that range from player cards & equipment to collectables you can use elsewhere in the game. These packs can be bought by an in-game currency which can be earned by playing the game completing events or purchasing with real-life money. 

Ratings: 4.5/5         

  • Amazing graphics
  • Easy controls


  • In-app purchases
  • Doesn’t allow team missions


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