Onmyoji Arena Review - Fight along with your favorite Shikigami!

Are you an anime fan? Do those majestic anime battles excite you? Well, to increase your excitement and give you an experience in the anime battlefield, NetEase has released Onmyoji Arena!

Onmyoji Arena is a strategic game. Choose your favorite Shikagami and form a team with your friends. Battle the evil and the opposite team in the beautiful valleys of Japan. Replacing the conventional paid rune system with a completely free Onmyodo system, the game allows players to fully enjoy fair 5v5 battles. Help your teammates in winning the match and upgrade your ranking. A fair game with no amulets required. Prove your strategic prowess on the battlefield now! 

Onmyoji Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game based on Japanese art styles. It is a multiplayer game that allows a player to form a team of 5 players. You can invite your friends or join a random team to match against. There's also the addition of Mahjong chess, Shikigami Defense, and 3v3v3 Royal Battle. 

The graphics are beautiful! The Shikigami are cast with their original voice to replicate the Heian world. The elegant Japanese aesthetics and 3D Shikigami can capture the focus of the user without a doubt! In addition, the voice clarity is good which is very rare in MOBA games. Although the visuals are breathtaking, the control of the character is kind of frustrating. It is difficult to control your Shikigami’s movement and have an aim on a specific target.

You have to fight against the opposite team and destroy their bases to win. As you keep on upgrading in ranks, your difficulty level will keep increasing. But by upgrading the ranks, your device might start lagging more or may not even let you log into the game a few times.

Onmyoji Arena is a great game but there are too many red flags as compared to green flags in playing it. For instance, it requires a lot of storage, up to 4GB just for downloading the game and the data for playing it. And it keeps acquiring more storage as you play and continue to increase in your level. Might even go to 8GB!

Have you played it yet? If yes, then do let us know in the comments below your experience with it!

Ratings: 4.4/5


  • 3D graphics
  • Great variety of characters and background skins


  • Takes up large storage
  • Lags
  • Expensive in-app purchases
  • Cannot access certain characters
  • Difficult controls



CPU: Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 2 GHz or equivalent
GPU: Adreno 506 or equivalent
Storage: 50MB
OS: iOS 9/Android 5.0


  • This is a demanding app.
  • Your phone should have these or equivalent specs to run the app smoothly.
  • Requirements are predicted and could be bound to change as more data becomes available.
  • You are encouraged to express your feedback below. 
  • Please use our resource only as a guideline and if you spot any errors let us know.
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