5 Best (And Fancy) Headphones for the iPhone XS and XS Max

We previously told you about our favorite accessories for the iPhone XS and XS Max, in this article, we will be highlighting our favorite earphones and headphones which you can pair up with your new iPhone rather than spending $160 on the AirPods. Check out the list below:

Pioneer RayZ Plus

They are Lightning Port-powered earphones which you can use even if your phone is charging, which is most convenient on the go with a power bank. These earphones feature adaptive noise cancellation functionality and it can be adjusted by the user according to their own preferences. The eight-hour usage charging is something everyone asks for and these earbuds are offering it. Alongside that, the earphones automatically turn off when not in use to smartly conserve battery.

Buy Now for $119.


Soundmoov offers wireless earbuds which feature almost the same aesthetics as that of the AirPods but for just under $50. The sound quality is nice and clear. It also allows to roam farther with extended Bluetooth range up to 49 feet without the connection being dropped.

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Beats Powerbeats3

Beats Powerbeats3 feature 12 hours of battery life and if you are going to go out quickly, a 5 minute quick charge will let you use your earbuds for 1 hour straight. They also feature sweat and water resistance therefore you can easily use them during your workout sessions.

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Jabra Move:

If you are looking for something comfortable yet of great quality, then Jabra Move is the thing for you. Its lightweight design and plush ear cushions make the perfect combination. With that its great playback control feature also ease the work. It’s 12-hour battery life is enough to get you through the workday. These are perfect for daily use.

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Sony WH1000XM3

These headphones provide great control over the playback and you can also answer your call with it. One of the major features is its 30-hours of playback time and 10 minutes charge time allows a staggering 5 hours of playback. With 40mm liquid crystal polymer drivers, the sound quality can be termed as out of this world. It's unique design makes them look attractive. It comes in 2 colors: Black and silver.

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