An Introduction To Self Driving Cars

When we talk about making things autonomous, it usually turns into a heated debate regarding the efficiency of the system in performing the same task as compared to humans or the doomsday scenario. Half of the times, this misunderstanding is created due to people not understanding the core algorithms or purpose for autonomous computing and its application and real-world scenarios.

A very typical and popular example of autonomous computing is Self Driving cars. Self-driving cars themselves are a figure of controversy but once you begin to analyze the finer aspects of this domain, it is not only more efficient but a reliable means of commuting.

How Do They Work?

Self-driving cars use the concept of Machine Learning applied to an enormous set of data which is gathered through cameras attached at various places of the autonomous vehicle. Alongside that, the car is also in contact with a satellite using a GPS uplink for navigation across streets as well as using Light Detection and Ranging systems for measuring distances and commuting without accidents.

The hardware deployed behind a self-driving car is extremely complex. Elon Musk believes that the computer behind Tesla is 10 times more powerful than current conventional hardware. Hence you can imagine the number of computations taking place in the background so you can navigate safely to work.

Typical Use Case

Assume you have a self-driving car, that car will drop you off to work or if you prefer, you can drive yourself in the same car. After you have left the car, instead of letting your car heat up in the day in this dreaded summer weather, the car can go back home and be available for use amongst other family members.

Okay, that was lame I suppose, let me put it another way.

Once you have reached the office, your car will act as a secondary source of revenue for you by offering rides to other people in your district through popular services like Uber and Careem. Once the car is about to run out of petrol, it will end the day's service and go towards a nearby station to refuel and return to the office.

And did I mention that you don't have to go the petrol pump or charging station (Tesla) in case you want to refuel? Consider the amount of time saved.

3 Companies Worth Looking Out For

Waymo: Formerly headed by Google, this self-driving car project is estimated to be worth $135 Billion once it is commercialized and rolled out properly.

Aurora Innovation: This startup has been so successful that they have been approached by Volkswagen to integrate their techniques to create a fully autonomous vehicle.

Tesla: Elon has never been the one to lack behind in innovation. He was amongst the first to introduce electric cars which not only contribute towards sustainable transportation but also pack a punch in terms of power.

In the upcoming articles, we will be exploring the technologies deployed to make self-driving.

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