What is Trusted Computing?

The digitization of information is taking the world to a new level. With all the information disseminated into text and portable document formats (pdfs), the reliance on software is increasing exponentially. But this reliance also exposes a man to a variety of data loss and breach risks. For any layman, this risk may cause the damage to his personal data or memories stored, but when the leading business firms, organizations, and companies are taken into account, the hazards get manifold. With all the project blueprints, marketing tactics and internal audit reports stored on some software, the data gets vulnerable. So this dependency on software turns to a tradeoff between data security and the facilities provided.

But this rapid transformation is the ultimate destination of technology thirst one needs to harmonize with. Considering this fact, the issue of security insurance while using computing machines became significant, and this hard nut to crack was taken up the Trusted Computing Group.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG), is not a unique organization but an alliance of all the major software and hardware companies to resolve the computing security issues, thus making it trusted. The group includes AMD, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel and Microsoft to implement Trusted Computing concepts across all personal computers. The main proponents of this association include International Data Corporation, the Enterprise Strategy Group, and Endpoint Technologies Associates. The group proudly claims to have provided the computers and the users with a better and secure computing experience at the user end through the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Being done with the elaboration of Trusted Computing Group and its objective, here’s the work plan. Trusted Computing basically refers to the involvement of the hardware to resolve software security issues. The product obtained is the commendable TPM, a chip now installed into all the PCs sold. The chip ensures the software-hardware compatibility, with referral to the best-suited app usage to perform tasks. In this way, the data vulnerability due to virus or hackers’ risk has been reduced appreciably. The research in this field and the endeavors to produce more efficient results are on the way. The next milestone to be achieved in this field is the MTM i.e. Mobile Trusted Module, to ascertain data safety at mobile users’ end too.

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