Interview With LMP Design - Never Change Your Smartphone Protector Again

Our smartphone displays are one of the most used components of our handheld devices. Not only do they get fingerprints over time, but everyone has to replace their protectors because of those dreadful scratches.

Fear not though because Supreme Glass is here to address your concerns. LMP Design has started a Kickstarter with their new product which uses nanotechnology to regenerate from scratches like they never existed. Their opening package starts from a pretty affordable $17. Read our interview with Michele Lamperti to find out more about the company's ambition and their new product.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company.
My company (LMP DESIGN) was born simply from my passions: Motocross and designs. I've started more than 15 years ago with airbrush. After that, in 2008 I bought my first Large format Printer. From this year I'm focused in Dirtbikes and Bikes Market with Stickers and designs, but since I've been started, I've always wanted to create something new, outside my world. In fact, thanks to my big experience and knowledge now is possible!
Q. What motivated you to come up with SUPREME GLASS for smartphones?
Simply, I was very sick to spend more than €200 to repair my phone display accidentally dropped down (think that I've broken 2 displays in just 1 month!). So I've started to think: if I can find a new material that can be processed by my machines and really protect, I'm sure that's will be a Bingo! This was just the spark that made the idea go on, but the real motivation is help people to save money thrown away for a stupid drop.
Q. What is the primary difference in material between your product and normal glass protectors? Walk us through the chemical compositions and technologies involved.
The main difference is the flexibility of the material. In fact this feature allows to be more protective. Choosing a polyurethane film was the best solution because is ultra-clear and his composition allow to return to the original stadium by his memory effect inside of the molecules. The second difference (not for all of the other producers but for the majority) is the cut of the outlines. I've created a perfect outline that allow an easy application but protect the most fragile parts of the display: the edges and corners. Note that some glass protection doesn't fit perfect and often the outline ends about 1 mm before the edge; sometimes this is fatal for your display. Most of the breakages starts from corner or edges.

Q. What is the maximum damage that your protector can easily sustain?

It can easily sustain all the accidentally falls in your daily life. I've tested on my personal phone for about 1 year: no sign of wear in the part protected! just some scratches on the corners outside the protection. obviously there will be special cases in which the material will not be able to do much, but I'm sure that it can reduce 80% of display breakages.

Q. You would have obviously surveyed the market and asked people how frequently they change their protectors. Do you have any statistics about that?
We do not have an exact statistic of this, but we know that people change the phone on average every 1.5 years. We can protect during this period the screen with just 1 kit. Maybe also that someone can apply it not well, so this needs a change. Other protections last less; Glass protections can last more, but are more fragile and can break easily. Plastic-based protections last more but are very weak to scratches.
Q. Assuming your Kickstarter crosses the funding, when are you planning to roll out your protectors for tablets, laptops and other gadgets?
We will proceed with tablet and laptops by January/February 2019. In reality we have already made some prototypes, but as phone protections, we need more outlines and to get it, is not simple.
Q. Finally, do you have any advice for startups who are striving to bring their innovative ideas to the market?
Just follow your dream, and I'm sure that in one way or another the idea turns into reality. Just believe in that and never give up!

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