If You Have No Job, You Aren't Connecting With The Right People

Almost all of the people who end up jobless is because they wait for the opportunity to come to them rather than go, explore or make some avenues for themselves.

Let's face it, even Tehreem told you that AI will not take your job unless you lack in skills. And that's technically doomsday scenario.

But you are going to come up to me and say: "But wait, I have the required skills, then why don't I have a job?" The answer is:
Your network is not strong.
Let me tell you about my personal experience as an HR Manager, there are 3 types of applications. Under-qualified, Satisfactory, and Over-qualified. If you don't get the job at the right time and end up doing degrees over degrees, you will end up being over-qualified. And that's a place where you don't want to be, believe me.

Which comes down to which specific social platform should you use for reaching out to people. Everyone is active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but we always ignore the most fundamental platform for our careers and that is LinkedIn. I was considering to promote one of our articles on one specific platform either Facebook, Google Ads or LinkedIn. LinkedIn was offering me a promo: $50 free for the first promotion so I thought why not try it out?
But guess the Cost per Click (CPC) for the post? $1? $2? $3?  It was a staggering $7.18. And the minimum CPC was $5. 

LinkedIn is the platform for professionals and the users don't open up the platform unless they are either looking for new opportunities or looking to hire fresh talent. I have seen people with great qualifications but they aren't connecting or engaging with influencers in their fields. Instead, they just have to apply for internships or jobs which are outside of their domain and comfort zone.

If you have a degree and you have good grades, that's perfect. But if you expect that some recruiter would just call you up for a job without doing anything, you got another thing coming.

Your network is especially important. It not only includes your friends but also your previous employers (yes that boss you hate should also be on your network), teachers and the people you have guided. Then come influencers or people who have achieved a lot in your field. You need them for mentorship and inspiration.
The bigger the network, the bigger the number of opportunities will be at your disposal. Here are the steps you need to follow to build your network:

Create a proper LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume for employers. Even if you are studying right now, you need to make your profile and start exploring the platform. Below listed must be present on your profile:
  • A suitable headline which describes you as a person or your current job title.
  • Experience with bullet point mentioning of the work you did at your previous or current jobs.
  • Education: This includes and is not limited to your college degree. Add courses you may have taken at Udemy, Udacity.
  • Skills, fill this section out and ask your friends and employers for proper endorsements in areas where they think you excel.
  • Certifications, Courses, and Languages, these areas are often ignored but they have crucial importance. A recruiter maybe searching your profile a specific skillset and if it is not listed, you have lost your job.
Here are some examples of people with LinkedIn Profiles that meet the above criteria:

Join Career Specific Communities

There are a huge number of communities on LinkedIn. If you can join Facebook groups, then you must also join groups here which are related to your career interests. And don't just keep staring at other people's posts. Share your own, comment and reach out. This is how you will learn and build interaction.

Start Posting Articles Related To Your Career

You don't have a job, that's fine. Start researching the latest trends in your field and start writing about them. People love to read and if you have time, you have to spend it in a productive manner. LinkedIn articles reach a broad audience and will help you stand out amongst recruiters as someone knowledgeable in a specific domain.

Use InMail To Reach Out To Recruiters

Create a good pitch which describes you and a proper message to reach out to recruiters. It may be possible that they are looking for someone in your field but they haven't posted yet. Personally reaching out will create a good impression on them. The worst case scenario is that they won't reply, you have nothing to lose.

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