5 Websites/Tools You Must Use If You Are Starting Off Your Programming Career

If you are starting off your programming career you can't just learn from the books. It’s always necessary to consult an up-to-date forum regularly to cope up with the ongoing trends and the current market demands. On top of that, you need to be aware of hackathons or ongoing problems with bounties which you may be able to solve. Furthermore, you need to make your programming time fun and interactive.

Below listed are 5 tools or websites which will help you in your programming career.

Stack Overflow for Programming News and Help Forum

With over 50 million developers, this website serves as a web, software, and programming dedicated platform providing diverse information in almost all possible fields of software technology with an unusual feature of no charges. Along with the tech-based articles, this website enhances its productivity by bringing tutorials and tools from over a million experts at an easy access. Another additional feature includes the jobs advertisements in the jobs section linking the employers with employees online. Hence, this website can act as both, a job search engine and a technology news hub.

W3Resource for Programming Practice Problems

If you are having trouble grasping some concepts in a new programming language you are learning, W3Resource is there to help you. Not only do they have comprehensive tutorials on a various number of programming languages, they also provide practice problems and quizzes to help you brush up your skills in programming.

Github for Code Sharing

Proudly boasting the largest source code on the internet and over 28 million users, it has to be simply said that if you are a programmer, then you have to use Github. It contains millions of projects submitted by developers with proper documentation and source code available. It will allow you to share your projects with the world, they will offer suggestions and even improve your code if you allow it.

Sublime Text for Intelligent Code Editing

Let's face it, our programming experience on the vanilla editors is just not fun at all. Sublime Text is there to add flair to your code. It's a free text editor that not only offers suggestions as you code but also structures it properly, so you don't have any problems if you are going to debug your program later on or make modifications.

Coursera for Improving Your Skillset

Coursera is an educational platform which presents the user with a variety of different short courses and important subjects in trend with the everyday world. It not only mentions the top rated courses but also brings a user to the threshold of a learning procedure equipped with videos, tutorials articles, references and much more, making online learning easy and just a subscription away.

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