Can The Blockchain Technology Help Online Advertisement Providers?

The economy of the online world heavily relies on advertisements. If there is no online advertisement available to the websites/apps for the monetization, there would be no purpose for their existence. So, this is why most of the websites /apps are created and this is how they generate revenue.

But, on the other hand, many advertisers have to suffer and pay to website/apps owners for bot traffic. As of, 50% of the web traffic is comprised of bots. It simply means that advertisers still have to face various frauds and provide payouts for fake clicks, views, and impressions to their ads. This is happening even after setting several tracking and diagnostic tools, which help advertisers to bring transparency.

Isn’t there any technology that can provide a foolproof solution to advertisers from traffic frauds?

The technology of blockchain is the answer. The whole principle behind eliminating frauds from the process of advertising is to decentralize system. The technology of blockchain can remove the core problem of fake/fraud traffic for the online advertisement industry.

Apart from this, it can also reduce transaction costs, and improves the view-ability of tracking. All it aims to achieve is the complete transparency for all parties involved in showing advertisements in a website or app.

With the technology of blockchain, a system can be created where every transaction is recorded to ensure that no hidden fee is charged or a cut given to middlemen. For now, there is no such way for an advertiser or publisher to determine that how the much-hidden fee is being paid to get traffic, clicks, views, and impressions on a website or app owner where its ads are running.

So, the online advertisement is yet another industry that can be cured by the technology of Blockchain. Here are the key issues that the blockchain based online ad-serving infrastructure can intelligently address:

Decentralization of the process

The online ad industry is highly fractured these days. Here we have hundreds of companies offering ads for websites and apps; some of them have not yet implemented programmatically at full scale. The key players in the market need to decentralize their systems to have the maximum advantages of the blockchain.

But, shifting everyone to programmatic buying isn’t an overnight operation. It will take at least 2 to 3 years to get all service providers and consumers onboard. Even if companies are ready to invest/spend huge budgets, certain technical issues may take several months to get resolved.
Elimination of their-party player

There are huge differences in the pricing and fees of different ad service providers. This is where things turn out to be a bit unclear. Then there are several third-party companies; most of them are working as middlemen and making huge commissions by providing traffic supplies to unique demands.

Here the blockchain system lets advertisers exclude third-parties from the process the process. As I mentioned above, the online ad industry is a fractured industry. Now if we need to eliminate the fractures, we would need another entity that will support and maintain the whole system. This will be another instance where companies will need middlemen. But, when things are decentralized by the technology of blockchain, every role of third-party players can be removed.


The online advertisement industry is huge in itself. But, even after being worth of billions, it lacks organizations and standardization. These companies themselves decide their guidelines. Here blockchain can streamline all companies. Also, ad service providers will themselves have no choice but become the part of the streamlined ecosystem because their customers will only those companies, which provide standardized services.

This post takes note on some issues, which can be eliminated by the technology of blockchain. Let’s see how early the online advertisers bring in the technology to their system to make process transparent and generate more revenue.

Author Bio:- James is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, a leading Blockchain development services Company which provides Software for Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. He loves to write about latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises

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