The Top Challenges In App Development Faced By Startups

The mobile app market is becoming more competitive with each passing day; particularly for new startups entering with new mobile app development ideas and expecting quick success. But, there are certain challenges that these startups have to face to come up with an app that’s really liked by users. 

Yet, it’s not difficult to build an app even with these challenges; so, let’s face them.

The Discovery of App

Every startup needs discovery for its app. It includes a lot of things like whether there are users available for particular app type or not and, whether the app will solve users’ problems or not, etc. If an app provides what users are looking for, it certainly has chances get attention.

Startups should pay attention on the discoverability of their apps. They need to work on every aspect that increases the discovery of their apps. The more users are able to discover an app, the more it will be accepted.'

App Development Approach

We have more than one approach to create an app. There are native mobile app development, hybrid mobile app development, and mobile web app development technologies. Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. The native approach is adopted when there is the need of accessing the native hardware of a device. Of course, creating a native app is fairly expensive, too. On the other hand, creating apps with hybrid approach is slightly less costly and suggested for the apps that need moderate features. Note that this approach does not support all the native hardware functionalities and thus is not suggested to all sorts of mobile app projects.

This is difficult to decide that which approach you should choose for your app development. You can ask for consultancy of experts who can evaluate your app requirements and future enhancement needs and then suggest the best approach for your idea.

How many devices does your app support to?

The availability of an app on all leading platforms is also one big factor that increases the chances of its success. It’s why because the mobile market is made of multiple of devices and all of them are used by people around the world. These devices run on different OSs, which means an app created for Android will not work on iOS and vice versa. Yet, it’s not possible for a new startup to launch an app for all the platforms in use and not all of them do have good users base. Windows Phone and BlackBerry, for example, do not now have enough users these days and many businesses have even rolled back their apps from these two platforms. But, as of the current trends, a startup needs an app at least for two platforms, iOS, and Android. So, decide carefully and then go ahead accordingly.

Keep the required investments already arranged

The app development doesn’t end only at investing in the project and then expecting its success. It’s not a single-investment process. Make your plan in a way so that you always have sufficient funds for things that are done after the development, implementation, and publication of an app. 

Promotion, Marketing and ASO

Smart startups would be those startups which promote and market an app long before its release. This is necessary because an app with pre marketing or promotion has better chances to acceptability as people already know about it and many would be already waiting for it.

Also, pay attention on ASO which stands for app store optimization. It’s nothing but the optimization of the page on which an app is published on stores. Although, there are limited things do in ASO, but with better strategy, apps get ranked in Google search engines, which also increase direction download.
Author Bio. :- James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app developmentservices across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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