Apple Losing Smartphone Marketshare To Huawei

An independent analyst company has put out a report which highlights the smartphone sales in Q2 2017 and apparently Huawei is quickly closing the gap between Apple and itself in terms of smartphone sales. Even though Apple experienced a fairly good quarter, Huawei has also experienced a staggering growth as seen earlier.

Several factors have to be kept in mind before we go to the research figures. First and foremost is that the new iPhone is yet to be released and a more fair comparison would be taking its sales into account by considering a respective quarter. Furthermore, Huawei released its new flagship phones at the end of Q1, so sales are bound to go skyrocket.

First of all, huge congratulations to Samsung which continues to lead smartphone sales by a huge margin. While S8 has had strong sales, Canalys says that there are areas where its demand has been overestimated. Still, according to this graph, Samsung had around 77-78 million smartphone sales in just the Q2 which is extremely impressive.

Meanwhile, Apple sold around 41 million iPhones and it also outperformed Samsung once again in North America. Huawei chimes in with 38 million smartphones sold, marking 20% year-on-year growth. It was 3 million units away from stealing Apple's second spot.

Huawei's remarkable growth has been fairly noticeable over the years. It was already popular in China whereas it took its time to make a mark on the Western side. Products like Honor 9 and the Mate series have been well received generally. On top of that, Huawei also manufactured the Nexus 6X so if anyone wanted to have a view of their capabilities, that was their choice.

With that being said, one still shouldn't underestimate Apple as they are known to be unpredictable. A more fair comparison, as I said above, would be taking the quarter when the iPhone launches. And of course, you know, at that time no one will be able to come near Apple in regards to sales especially when we are dealing with the anniversary edition of the iPhone.

What are your thoughts regarding these stats?

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