Microsoft Plans To Lay Off Thousands Of Employees As Part Of Mobile-First, Cloud-First Strategy

Last year at the end of July, I reported that Microsoft will lay off around 2,850 employees in an effort to reorganise the company. About 900 of those employees were from the sales division. In a similar effort, Microsoft is planning to fire more employees this year as it plans to restructure its Salesforce division.

While all these are mere rumours for now but credible sources such as TechCrunch and Bloomberg say this is all due to change in leadership at Microsoft. Kevin Turner left last summer and he was long time COO at Microsoft. Judson Althoff and Jean-Philippe Courtois have taken charge of the sales and marketing divisions respectively so it seems they are planning to streamline their respective departments.

Alongside these layoffs, there are also plans for an organisational merger between an SME-focused division and a customer enterprise unit. Microsoft's fiscal year ends in July and it is fair to say that they intend on making a tradition of firing employees before it ends.

Microsoft hasn't commented on the news story at the time of writing.
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