LinkedIn Lite Launched In India - Coming To 60+ Countries Soon

LinkedIn has launched a cut down version of its app in India and it will be coming to 60 other countries soon. The size of the app is less than 1 MB and it is lightning fast, pages can be loaded in five seconds using 2G connections with extremely less data usage.

The app can be used to access the news feed as well as messaging, checking out notifications and search as well as looking for jobs without the clutter which can be a resource hog. LinkedIn Lite initially made its debut in September last year and is now expanding to India where LinkedIn has over 42 million users.
 “Besides providing a fast, data-light solution for professionals in slow network areas, we hope the LinkedIn Lite app will democratize access to economic opportunity,” said LinkedIn's Country Manager for India, Akshay Kothari.
In comparison, Facebook Lite is only a tad bigger than LinkedIn Lite at 1.4 MB [download size] whereas the actual Facebook app is well above 400 MB in terms of total phone storage whereas LinkedIn is at 100 MB or so.

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