Ditch The Label's Survey Shows Teens Are Mostly Bullied On Facebook And Instagram

A survey of 10,020 people aged around 12-20 participated in a survey conducted by Ditch The Label and they have compiled a comprehensive report in which the impact of the internet in regards to bullying has been highlighted.

Around 23% of the overall responders were aged 12 and 70% of the overall responders were Christians. In terms of sexuality, 83% were mostly straight and in regards to household income, around 9% earned £20,001 to £30,000 while majority preferred not to disclose this information.

Around 60% of young people today use Facebook according to the survey and around 37% have been bullied at some point. Whereas around 78% rely heavily on Instagram and it has the highest percentage of people being bullied at around 42%.

You can read the full research details here.

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