These Are The Changes Coming In All Future iPhones

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are in the spotlight these days. These phones alongside Google Pixel, LG V20, OnePlus 3 and so on are some credible alternatives to Samsung's defunct Galaxy Note 7. However it is time to leave the present aside and have a look at the future.

Apple's reliance on iPhones as their primary revenue source is causing their revenues to fall. You can read more about that here, plus there is no Steve Jobs to save them this time.

A video from a credible publishing network has emerged on the interwebs that showcases the changes we can expect in the upcoming iPhones. Apple went on the controversial side this year by skipping the Headphone jack. What more changes do they have in store in the future variant? Let's take a look:

My sarcasm aside, It is expected that the future iPhone will come with a Bezel-less display according to a recently filed patent. It's too early to talk about the specifications but here is a concept video for your viewing pleasure:

What are your thoughts on the satirical video from Mashable? What new changes will Apple bring next year?

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