HP Inc To Increase Prices By A Hefty 10% Following Brexit

Brexit hasn't bode well on the world of technology. Currencies falling, stock markets plummeting and now steadily, all companies are adjusting their prices in part of their post-Brexit preparations. HP is the latest hardware manufacturer to follow suit in this regard.

HP said in a statement,
"Effective from 1 August, we will be implementing an adjustment of circa 10 per cent across HP's Personal Systems portfolio. This applies to all HP commercial/business products in the HP Personal Systems category (core PC/laptop, value technology and mobility solutions). As always, you may freely determine your resale price to your customers."
There are also predictions that Lenovo is also considering to increase the prices of its products but there is also official word as of yet. The very first of all tech firms to increase the prices was OnePlus who announced a £20 extra cost for their flagship OnePlus 3.

What are your thoughts on these rapidly increasing prices?

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