Apple Will Finally Double Minimum Storage Upto 32GB For The Upcoming iPhone 7

This will be a pleasing note for everyone. A new report says that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have minimum 32GB storage for the base model while highest priced version will have a ginormous 256GB storage.

The upcoming iPhone is expected to feature some major changes in design such as the exclusion of headphone jack as well as the inclusion of a Dual camera. This time around, some reports state the Apple will finally be making 32GB the minimum storage for its flagship unit. The cost memory has significantly been reduced over the past few years and many other competitors have already made 32 Gigs a standard for their high end products.

iPhone 7 will most likely be released along with its bigger sibling in September. What are your thoughts for the increased storage? Is Apple late for the party?
Source: Apple Insider
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