Exclusive Interview With The Man Behind WRBLS - Redesigning The Apple Watch

A week back we covered exclusive info regarding a new startup, WRBLS, about to hit Kickstarter with an incredible lineup of Apple Watch bands. The campaign was launched just last and has raised over 15K Euros in a matter of days.

We hit up with Fabian Meissner, the Founder of this startup to know more about WRBLS and his future plans. Read the interview below:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. How many people are involved?
I have been working in the sports textiles industry for the past 5 years and studied Business, Economics and Chinese in Germany, China and Turkey. I’m a tech-geek as well as sportsman and as such also really enthusiastic about the Apple Watch. I am using it everyday, but I quickly got bored by the one-colored and patternless bands offered on the market and that’s why I worked hard to get our own collection of sport bands for the Apple Watch on the market. Now I need the support of the crowd to make this thing happen!
Is there any specific reason why you are opting for Kickstarter for your campaign? How has the general response been so far?
Kickstarter is a great platform to reach early adopters and people who are eager to discover new, cool products. I think that’s what our products are about and that’s why I opted for Kickstarter. The general response has been really good so far. People really like our bands and give us some amazing feedback on our social platforms as well as on Kickstarter by supporting us.
Another variant of Apple Watch might be up for grabs this year or next etc. Will you be releasing Bands for it too?
Yes, for sure. We will develop a new collection of sport bands for the Apple Watch. We want people to have a stylish, functional and fairly-priced alternative.
Hopefully the project will get to its Funding goals. After you have given out all the Bands, will you be releasing some more aimed for the Android market. Say for Moto 360, Huawei Watch and so on.
Probably not. We are intending to focus on the Apple Watch and develop great products for this device.
Will you be expanding your lineup if the Project Funding goes above say, 50,000 Euros?
Yes, we are intending to release some new features and other gadgets once our funding goal is reached.
Based on your experience so far, Do users opt for Apple Watch more than Android Wear or is it conversely?
Users for sure opt more for the Apple Watch. As far as I know, Apple has a market share of around 60-70% in the smartwatch market.
Finally any advice to freshman entrepreneurs? Do you think they should opt for the Hardware side of Technology or Software one?
I think entrepreneurs should go with what they are passionate about. No matter if it's hardware or software. As long as you love what you do and your convinced of your products, that’s all fine!
Well, these are some wise words from the Founder of WRBLS. Thank you for the interview. Hope you guys enjoyed it, Be sure to support them on their Kickstarter Campaign.

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