Why 2016 Is The Prime Year For The Wearable Industry?

2015 is a whole week behind us. New Year Resolutions, promises, Mobile World Congress and much more etc await us. So in light of this, why don't we discuss the need of buying a cool new smartwatch? And why does the Wearable Industry present such a huge revenue source?

Unlike the notion that these watches are fairly expensive, These watches can be as low as $10 to $800. I am gonna stress that Fitness Bands will also be considered as a smartwatch despite the smaller display, yet the functionality is no less different.

Check out the Infographic by Mighty Skins below, it sums up almost all watches of 2015 and their functionality and so on:

And there are many more. They fit in almost every price range. Like Fitbit TW64 is available for just $11. It is an extremely accurate wristband in terms of Fitness and so forth.

Let's take an example of Computers. They have undergone 4 Generations and then they were available to residential customers. While the case may not totally be the same encase of wearables, but if we are talking in terms of features then there is a link. 2015 had a lot maturity and many companies rising in the Wearable Industry. Vector raised $5 million with it's products.
What does this huge sum indicate?
Companies will look for new revenue sources. At this moment the smartphone market is already dominate by waaaaay too many players but Wearables are just gaining maturity. Alot of players in the Technology circle expressed their interest in this market and believe me, if you are looking to launch your next product, then consider this segment very seriously.

As it has a lot funding, expect features to come out rapidly and my prediction is that most of them will appear in one form or another by the end of this year. This will guarantee the best wearable experience.

And wearables include only smartwatches and wristbands, they could also mean VR, glasses and so on. Innovation in every sense.

If you are looking to invest in a new Business or start a new one, Make sure to analyze this segment carefully. It can guarantee a lot profit.

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