How To Grow Your Reputation As A Blogger?

We all face this headache every now and then. The frustration and then the determination to make a name for yourself in the world of Blogging.

Did you know that a recent stat indicated that Tumblr alone has more than 260.5 million Blog Accounts and that is a platform that is used for just casual blogging. Wordpress alone powers 25% of the entire web, these are some crazy mind blowing figures which beg to question whether we can make a name for ourselves within this vast space?

The simple Answer is Yes:

Step 1: Create A Successful Blog

The key to create a successful Blog is consistency and an effective Editorial Calender. Below listed is my own answer to a question on Quora which helps make a successful blogging strategy for every person:
Blog Building is a tedious task no doubt, at times you will find yourself frustrated but it's about critical thinking a roadmap, in this case it will be your editorial Calender.

Do you intend to post daily?

Cover up the latest news and rumors in that niche? Basically you are in game development, you could comment on the system requirements with reference to the game engine being used to develop that game. Furthermore you could cover up the updates or new game engines being released.If you have around 2 articles per day,you'll have around 720 articles by the end of the year.

Do you intend to Post on Alternate Days?

If you are intending to post on alternate days then I recommend a mash up of hot news in the industry. If you are planning to post 2-3 articles then at least have 1 which is in depth. Say a guide on programming with "xyz" language and so forth.
If you post around 3 to 4 articles per week, you can have around 140+ by the end of the year

Do you intend to Post Weekly?

If you intend to post on a weekly basis, then focus on content that will provide the most value to your readers. Guides, reviews or other indepth articles say, editorials can help in this case. These have to be at least 700+ words articles so that SEO wise your site will get some coverage.

1 article per week, 4 articles in a month and that 48 in depth articles by the end of the year.
Out of all the articles, highlight the ones which you think will attract the most users and feature them on Featured Post Slider.

Be Consistent:

Yeah we all lose consistency but I advise you to be serious in your work. Have an Editorial Calendar and follow it, it'll slowly but surely help you build an audience.

Step 2:

Now that you have a good Blog, it's time to utilise Social Media and Other Blogs to help you out.

Social Media:

I am going to put Social Networks in their order of Preference by people and especially Freelancers
  • Facebook 
  • Pinterest/Instagram 
  • Quora 
  • Google Plus 
  • Twitter
Payoneer's Freelance Income Report stats that Google Plus is much more preferred by Bloggers rather Twitter which I consider an outstanding stat as I considered Twitter better than G+. However I was also astounded to see that there was no mention of Quora. Let's break all Social networks down bit by bit:


For brand awareness and spreading the news around your friends. You must create a Page and A Group to achieve effective conversions here. Sarah Peterson highlights the importance of Facebook Groups in a well written post here.


A picture is worth a thousand words and rightly so. Pinterest and Instagram are 2 sources of great traffic and popularity to your site.


Quora has every expert in almost every niche. You can follow them to read their best strategies as well as make a reputation of yourself around these influencers to build a fanbase for yourself too. Around 80 Million People visit Quora every month and these stat has been provided by none other than the Founder Adam D'Angelo himself.

Google Plus:

Around 12 to 15% of Freelancers around the world use this network to promote their content, a stat provided by Payoneer which surveyed more than 26,000 freelancers around the world. Alongside that it also has gotten a new beautiful look which dispells the notion that Google may be chunking the network off. G+ is a reliable and stable network and it's here to stay.


Damn fast network and can drive great coversions if used effectively.More than 400 million people are on Twitter and discussing latest trends. Use of #hashtags is the key factor to getting traffic from Twitter.

Step 3: Guest Blog On Other Sites:

After you have created and executed your blogging and social media Strategies, it's time to help other people in your niche and ask them to do the same.
Be active in the comment sections as well as write for them every now and then. Ask them to link back to you, this can help build your rep among their readers and redirect them to your own Blog. Be sure to debate on the subject matter and niche of that website.
These are pretty much all the steps that you need to focus on. I'll elaborate all of them indepth to provide more details in the upcoming articles. Till then, tell what are your strategies to become a reputed blogger?

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