7 Best Accessories for the new iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 has become readily available across the US, UK, and Australia three months after its launch. If you decided to upgrade to the latest iPhone 11 Pro, you’d be looking for some accessories to gain the maximum it has to offer. There are many products available in the market but you surely should go for one with the highest rating and best reviews. For which, you have found the best guide! We present to you some of the best phone cases, earphones, and chargers specially curated for iPhone 11 Pro to enhance your experience like nothing else.

Miracase Liquid Silicone Case

The protection of the iPhone is what everyone cares about the most. Any scratch or damage hurts the user more than the phone. For this reason, the first thing you want to do is invest in a protective yet useful phone cover. Miracase shockproof drop protection case provides you with a gel rubber body which not only protects your phone but also stops durt and debris from entering, so your device looks beautiful in and out. The slightly raised outer edge makes sure the open parts of your phone stay at a considerable distance from the surface. The best part? It is wireless charger compatible!

ILLUMI AquaShield Screen and Camera Protector

A mobile case can only protect your iPhone’s back, but you also want your camera lens and screen in the best condition. Therefore, we present to you ILLUMI 2-pack screen and camera protector that you can easily afford with a phone cover. Specially built for iPhone 11 Pro (5.8-inch), the UV-resistant layer prevents yellowing ensuring your screen remains crystal clear. The military-grade edge-to-edge film is used for manufacturing to prevent wear and tear but still, you can take advantage of the lifetime warranty in case of any.

MFi Certified Lightning In-ear Earbuds

Listening to music or taking work calls, earphones are a very important accessory for everyone. If you are someone who prefers wired headsets, these MFi certified earbuds are just the thing you need with your fancy gadget. For a reasonable price of $20, you get the best voice quality with lighting port compatibility. The built-in microphone controller makes it easy for you to switch between songs and change volume without taking out your phone. 

SoundPEATS TrueCapsule Wireless Earbuds

Apple removed the headphone jack to the disappointment of many people. However, the non-availability of Bluetooth earphones with the devices is the most saddening part. There are a number of Apple Airpods replacements available in the market, but SoundPEATS’ TrueCapsule earbuds provide you the same exact functionality at an extremely reasonable price. The latest version provides a sensitive multifunction button so you can take calls, listen to music, or talk to Siri, all with just a smart touch. The charging case and 24-hour playtime make sure you stay connected to your phone all day long. To avoid the chance of falling out, these wireless earbuds are designed ergonomically and come with three sizes of eratips.

Quntis USB C to Lightning Cable PD Wall Charger

Apple has yet to introduce Fast Charging in its devices but that doesn’t mean you can't have a quick charging device. Quntis 6ft 18W charger will charge your device 2.5× faster than the original apple charger while working with the same cable that comes with your phone. To help you feel safe with the purchase, this product comes with an Apple MFi certification which means it is compatible with any device that uses a lightning cable. Quntis fast iPhone charger also has a multipotent safety system ensuring complete protection for your Apple lightning devices.

Yootech Dual Fast Wireless Charger

With Yootech wireless charger, you can charge two devices at the same time. So you will never have to worry about a dead phone or Airpods ever again. The standard 4-coils design provides a large charging area both horizontally and vertically at the perfect angle for use while charging. As for the heating problem with most wireless chargers, it comes with built-in cooling fans for worry-free charging. The package comes with all the necessary things like a sleep-friendly design and an AC-DC adapter cable so you won’t have to buy one separately.

Bestgay Battery Pack Charger Case

Carrying a separate power bank might not be your favorite thing to do when handling your phone; a battery case can easily solve this problem. Alpatronix battery case provides you just what is claims, unlike other manufacturers who oversell their products. Despite having a smart look, it packs a huge battery of 4200mAh which is compatible with Apple’s lightning cables. You can simultaneously charge your phone and case battery so you never run out of charge. 

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