Apple’s Shazam Starts Rolling Out Pop-up Mode for Android

The music recognizing app Shazam acquired by Apple started rolling out a major update for their app today. But it's only available on Android phones for now.

This update enables a user to use the Shazam app in popup mode while navigating through other apps. So, If you are using Instagram and encounter a song or music you want to recognize, you can just tap on the floating Shazam icon and rest will be done by the app itself.

This floating icon can be enabled from the app settings. This will also create a notification in the notification bar that will inform the user that the popup icon is enabled. It can be disabled by using the turn-off button from the notification bar or by just dragging the floating button to the bottom of the screen.

If you have the app downloaded, your Shazam app would have been updated. If not, make sure to get it from Google Play Store manually.

So what do you think about this update? Or are you waiting for this update to arrive on iOS?

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