Amazon’s New Retail Strategy: 87 Pop-up Stores Being Closed

The online retail giant, Amazon, is planning to close all 87 pop-up stores across the United States. According to the reports, all these stores will be closed by the end of April. The new bricks-and-mortar retail strategy focuses on Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star to expand the company's physical business.

The company started its pop-up kiosk program in 2014. These small stores present in malls and grocery stores were generally used to showcase and sell Amazon's products like Amazon Echo, Kindle, and tablets. This was among the starting strategy Amazon used to expand its business physically. The plan was to open 100 pop-up stores in the US, as told by a spokesperson in 2016. Now, it seems like they are finally finishing their small set-ups and planning to work on big things. Amazon's statement on this significant move explains the reason for discontinuing the plan:
Across our Amazon network, we regularly evaluate our businesses to ensure we're making thoughtful decisions around how we can best serve our customers.
The new focus, Amazon Book store first opened in 2015 and at present, there are about 17 stores across the US. Amazon-4 star is one of the recent and most successful experiments the company did. It lets the customers try some of the products and best features available on the e-commerce website. Some other plans include opening new grocery stores and as much as 3000 Amazon Go (Cashier-less stores) by 2021 according to a report of Bloomberg.

Is it the right decision to close all 87 stores at once or opening the new stores parallel to the pop-up store program could have benefitted more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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