5 Gorgeous Skin Wraps for the iPhone XS/XS Max

Last time off, we covered some basic accessories for the iPhone XS/XS Max related to its camera which you can use if you want the ultimate photography experience. In this article, we will be exploring 5 skin wraps for the iPhone XS/XS Max which will help customize your iPhone according to your wish:

iPhone XS Leather Wrap Skin Sticker

If you want a premium leather feel that will make your phone not only comfortable to hold but also add an extra layer of protection to the glass back of the iPhone XS, then this case is just for you. The material is waterproof and easy to apply on your iPhone without any sticky residues.

Buy Now for just $7.69.

End is Nigh Skin for the iPhone XS

This skin has been manufactured using ultra-thin laminate vinyl to help protect your iPhone from dust, scraps or any other damage to the body of the phone. Featuring a low-air grip release adhesive that will leave no residue on the phone's body, you can easily apply it within minutes and change to a new skin whenever you want to without a hassle.

Textured Vinyl Decal Sticker for the iPhone XS

Featuring over 30 color options, this textured vinyl skin will help you style your iPhone XS based on your own needs. From textured green to carbon fiber orange and then the all-time favorite Matte black, all options which you can imagine are available for your selection. That too, at a very reasonable price.

Buy Now for just $9.19.

SopiGuard Skin for the iPhone XS Max (Only 5 left!)

We have handpicked this skin for the veterans and Army brats. Featuring edge to edge protection from scratches and a camo textured design, it's a perfect skin for those who want to show off their military spirit.

Carbon Fiber Skin for the iPhone XS Max

Featuring an ultra-slim fit design which has been heated to match curves and offer edge to edge protection. The skin has been made from automotive grade vinyl and has 3 color options for your choosing.

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