Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders Starts on February 21

Samsung Galaxy S10 is among the few phones who are so intensely leaked before the launch. Though this makes it the most anticipated phone of the year. Finally, the thing we were all waiting for - the pre-order date.

The teaser poster from Indonesia confirms the event and the pre-order date. It says February, 21st for the launch event, and 22nd for the pre-order in Indonesia. But the listed time reveals that it will still be 210th in the west, and so the pre-orders will assumably start on 21st there. The actual sales will start on March 8th.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Poster from Indonesia
The official website "Galaxy Launch Pack" is also active, showcasing the Countdown timer and a teaser video. Brace yourselves to get your hands on the brand new Galaxy S10!

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