Facebook for Android Now Lets You Opt Out of Background Location Tracking

Facebook's latest update allows users to opt out of the background location tracking feature. If you allow location services on the app, it will give you the option to disable "Background Location," which means that the app will not track you when you are not using the app.

Previously, Facebook for Android could track and save your location even if you were not using the App, especially with features like Nearby Friends. Now you have more control over your privacy and you can end the chase by quitting the app.

Image: Gsmarena

iOS has a built-in feature that blocks apps from tracking their location for a long time. But this feature is limited to the Facebook app only in Android. You will see a notification in your timeline telling you about the new feature. Your current settings will not change even after the feature rolls out, so make sure to restrict location services to when using the app only!

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