7 Best (And Fancy) Cases For The iPhone XR

iPhone XR is finally here and with that, those who have ordered their new phone would obviously be looking for an added layer of protection! We have compiled a list of 10 best cases from Amazon which we believe you must have if you have bought the iPhone XR:

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone XR

Let's start off with one of the most reliable companies in terms of endurance for smartphone cases. This case from Spigen looks simple, with a minimum level of detailing while offering the maximum protection for your iPhone from each nook and corner. It is available in two colors: Black, Gunmetal.

Ringke Fusion-X Case for iPhone XR

Ringke brings Anti-Cling Dot Matrix technology to provide a clear view at the back of the phone at all times and features Military Grade Drop Protection. Wireless charging support is still available despite the insulation ensuring you don't miss out on any features of your iPhone.

SPIDERCASE Water-Proof Case for iPhone XR

Who doesn't like showing off? Especially when you got an iPhone and want to show Samsung users that your phone is also waterproof, just for a small price of $23.99! There is also an added 12 months warranty with this case so you can be sure that you are buying the right case for your phone.

ESR Yippee Case for iPhone XR

Let's be honest, the main attraction of the iPhone XR is the different variety of colors and if you want a colorful case with it, ESR Yippee is the right one for you. Available in Mint Green, Shadow Grey, and Pastel Pink colors for just $16.79

Crystal Clear Case for iPhone XR

Sometimes the best thing is simplicity. This crystal clear case may look simple but it also supports wireless charging plus it is made with double material of tough PC and flexible TPU to ensure maximum protection at an affordable price.

ESR Metro Wallet Case for iPhone XR

For those who carry their credit cards around and always seem to lose them, this case will make sure wherever your phone goes, your cards go with you! Fabric design and available in two different colors for just under 20 bucks.

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone XR

Another case featuring multi-layer defense protection as well as a belt-clip holster which can be used as a hands-free stand for media viewing and it is also available in 7 different colors!

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