AI Takeover Theory And The End Of Human Race

AI takeover theory states: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become the dominant form of intelligence on Earth one day, with computers or robots effectively taking control of the planet away from the human species. Possible scenarios include replacement of the entire human workforce, takeover by a super intelligent AI and the popular notion of a robot uprising.”

This theory sends chills down the spine of some people and public figures like Tesla’s owner Elon Musk and the great physicist Stephen Hawking (RIP). They always gave strong statements in favor of this theory and warned the humanity to stop NOW! Look at these statements they gave and you will likely notice a similarity:
If you closely analyze these two statements, you will observe that they both (may be without realizing) are not afraid of AI. Both of these AI opponents warn us about “humans” using AI for evil and control of AI in hands of “few humans”. So, we should think about the real question here.

Who is to blame?

I think the answer is clear; people who will take control of AI to establish their rule! It is true that AI is a dangerous tool to destroy human race or enslave them but AI or technology itself is not to be blamed, because it is we who invent it, we who use it, we who improve it and we who will make it evil, if it one day happens.

Technology can be dangerous. We have many incidents in the history to prove it; 9/11, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident, Attack on APS school and many more. But after those, no one said that stop travelling in planes, throw away all uranium reserves or all guns should be burnt, because everyone knows that there are humans behind these. There are masterminds who plan these things to give life to their evil plans! To relate this to AI, let us tell you the four stages of AI:

  1. Memory less stage
  2. Limited memory stage
  3. Mind stage
  4. Self-awareness stage

We are currently about to enter the limited memory stage and the stage at which AI will be able to takeover humanity is the last stage. Experts say that it will need us many centuries and will need scientists to understand what consciousness actually is to get to that stage, which they have not really done. So, if one day after many years, AI becomes as intelligent as humans, it will still learn from us, as we learn from our surroundings. Then it will act the way we act. So, the real thing here is to stop humans not AI!

So, how will it all end?

Machines and technology have many benefits also, as Kevin Kelly, the executive editor of Wired magazine says:

“I think that we, ourselves, are technology. We have invented ourselves. We have invented our humanity. If we took all technology from our lives away, everything — fire, knives — humans would only last six months, we would be eaten by animals. We only can defend ourselves because of technology.”
At one side, Uranium reserves were used to make electricity and on the other hand to destroy two cities. Electricity is used to light up our homes to facilitate ourselves and on the other hand to kill people and animals by giving electric shock. There are many examples like this. So, its time we stop blaming technology for bad happenings as we have always done and take responsibility to use technology safely. And we learn to suppress the evil in us that causes the devastation and upheaval we all fear.

May AI turns out to be helpful to humanity at every stage and may the evil minds understand the beauty and importance of life and nature. Check out our blog soon for the solutions given by experts for AI takeover. Don’t forget to share your ideas in the comments below!

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