5 Best Foosball Apps For Android and iOS

Foosball is a game which is getting more and more popular so it is not strange to see many game apps on the market. If you want to play foosball on your smartphone, no matter if you are iPhone user or Android junkie, check out this list and choose the game that fits you best.

1. Foosball | iOS

The game simply named Foosball is made for iOS and the developers are Illusion Labs. The game itself is rather simple and it doesn't have many options. The good thing is that you can choose 3 difficulties but that is almost everything you can choose. You have one field and two colors of the foosball players which can be OK because when you get to know that field, you will be invincible. I can say that those developers want you to focus on your game only, but I don't think that is true.

2. Let's Foosball Free – Table Football | iOS

This long name is for the iOS game of foosball developed by the Niea Tech Co, Ltd. It seems better than the first app on this list because it is more user-friendly. You can play against CPU or you can play against your friends. Yup, friends, this game offers the 4 players option even though I have no idea how can 4 people fit on one little screen. Besides that, it has 4 difficulties and challenges for your game improvement. Now, this game has one thing which is rather unusual. You can activate the option to make every player on the field counterbalanced and that is pretty cool.

3. Foosball Cup | Android

Another game named simply Foosball Cup is made for Android users and developers are Ludus studio. This is their first foosball game app and they did a pretty good job. It is more user-friendly because you can choose the size of the field, what team you want to play with and you can choose between the 1-man goalie and 3-man goalie configuration. There is a tournament in the game too. You can play against your friend or CPU in a tournament or you can complete challenges, whatever you like more.

4. Foosball Cup World | Android

Foosball Cup World is actually something like an upgraded app from the Foosball Cup app. The developers are the same, Ludus Studio, but it has better graphics and more options. You can choose 3 game modes: World League, Tournaments and Challenges and you can do all that with one of the 51 countries in the game. Great thing is that you can improve your skill and unlock things like other teams or tables.

5. Foosball | Android

App for Android with the name Foosball is developed by NAVU App. It is a pretty simple app and easy to understand. There aren't options like team colors or tournaments, but you can choose the duration of the match or how many goals can one score before the game is over. The main problem is the fact that you control the players with small arrows in the bottom of the screen, which can be a hassle until you get used to it.

Guest Post by Mark from www.foosballzone.com

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