These Countries Have The Fastest Internet Speeds In The World According To Oakla is going to do a monthly roundup and compile reports which will show the average internet speeds of countries in two major categories: Mobile and Fixed Broadband. To be put on the rating list, countries must have at least 670 unique user results for mobile and at least 3,333 for fixed broadband, which is a fair amount of users for a good survey.

Leading the mobile category, we have Norway with an average speed of 52.59 Mb/s. Netherland comes in at second place with 46.94 Mb/s but there is a huge difference here. Hungary is at third spot with a minor difference at 46.24 Mb/s.

Meanwhile, in Fixed Broadband, Singapore blows away the competition with an average speed of 154 Mb/s whereas South Korea secures the second position with 126 Mb/s speeds. Hong Kong is at third place with 117 Mb/s.

Surprised? Where is your country ranked? Check it out here.

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