Only 11% Users Are Interested In Buying The iPhone 8 If Price Is Above $1000

Barclays has conducted a survey to research customer enthusiasm regarding the upcoming iPhone and it seems that only 11% customers are interested in getting the iPhone 8 if its price goes above the $1000 mark. CNBC had titled it as "Nobody wants to buy a $1000 iPhone 8" but I reckon our headline gives a better impression.

The survey gives some predictable insights. 18% iPhone users will happily shift over to the next generation and that's because of the excellent resale value. Whereas customers don't want to spend more than $582 or $48.5 per month on a yearly plan.

It is interesting to note that almost all flagship phones are priced higher than that figure. Barclays also noted that on a global scale:
85 percent of respondents are willing to pay more for the newest generation smartphone device, which could help dispel the bear thesis that very few consumers will purchase a new smartphone without carrier or other subsidies.
Only time will tell what the price of the upcoming iPhone will be.

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