iPhone 8 Prototype Shows Protruding Dual Camera And Glass Back Design

Once again we have a huge stash of images showcasing the design of the upcoming iPhone. Our reliable source, Gordon Kelly, has posted side by side comparison photos of the iPhone 8 and its older sibling iPhone 7. From the looks of it, there are some noticeable differences in design.

Taking a good look at that picture above reveals that the display spans at the upper corners of the phones whereas the center is taken up by the cameras, sensors and phone speaker.

This picture above shows the new glass design Apple will be opting for the upcoming iPhone. One reason is wireless charging. The negative, it is a fingerprint magnet. This picture also shows the protruding dual cameras the back, be sure to grab a case as soon as you buy the phone.

And above we have both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 side by side. You can see the major differences yourself here.

You can take a look at more pictures of the prototype at Forbes.

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