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Dear Leader is based upon some made up North Korean philosophy and it is a mixture of demons with an American topping. It's odd. It is one of those games which can make you say, "Ok, this can happen too" or "How on earth did they ever come up with this?"

While the good and bad comes later, it is fair to say that there is much to do in this game. There are numerous characters which players can control and different kinds of missions such as surviving a demonic onslaught to destroying their portals and rescuing hostages. As I said, there is indeed much to do in this game.

Dear Leader is based upon the Rapture in which demons will emerge to take over the world and only the savior of mankind are heroes of Korean magic. We are talking about a wide range of characters with varying abilities which will be leveled up along the way. The story basically revolves around this and the nuclear weapons possessed by North Korea which will be the reason for American intervention in the region.

So that is technically the campaign side of the game. Since you are the leader in these troubled times, you have to look at the construction side of things in the state as well. This ranges from building a World Trade Center for revenue to Cashless Casino for public enjoyment and recreation. It mixes a bit of strategy in this scenario, however, there is a lot less focus on city management side of things here.

The gameplay is simple and it involves moving around and taking down the demons. Sometimes you will be rescuing other times you will be laying down mines and so on, all with the help of Korean magic or with some advanced weaponry. You can take two different kinds of weapons with yourself one being the primary other can be regarded as a sidearm. The armor can also be upgraded and so forth.

So in short, Dear Leader has a diverse gameplay and it can keep you occupied for a fairly long time. The story seems rather odd but it has dialogue and a fair share of cinematics. I am sure most people would be intent on ignoring this part and focus on the gameplay for a short satisfaction experience every now and then.

Rating: 2.5/5


  • Good Gameplay
  • Diverse Setting


  • Pointless Story



CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 420 1.2 GHz or equivalent
GPU: Adreno 403 or equivalent
Storage: 600 MB
OS: iOS 8.1/Android 4.4 or above
Phone: iPhone 5/Samsung Galaxy S3 or equivalent


  • This is a non-demanding app.
  • Your phone should have these or equivalent specs to run the apps smoothly.
  • Generally, requirements are not provided for most so Generic requirements are used after serious consideration and research of the game's engine used and graphical detail etc.
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