RB-Connect Is A Portable Ethernet Adapter For All Apple iOS Devices

While people are going towards mobility, A startup is raising funds on Kickstarter for Ethernet connectivity across all iOS devices. The device is a plug and play solution for those who prefer LAN over Wifi or just want fast speed.

While this approach is highly unorthodox but the product is incredibly well designed by the looks plus it is extremely small in size, meaning it is portable and can fit in your accessories bag. It has a speed up to 100 Mbit which has been tested that the current time of writing by the developers. For connection with your iOS device, You have to attach the Lightning Adapter to the RB-Connect and then connect the LAN wire, you are good to go now. This is a real pro point considering there are no time consuming installations or Apps for that matter. The device in question is available for $110 which includes a Lightning adapter as well as shipping costs.

Here is a Kickstarter video of the project:

The applications include connections to any IP Camera and the manufacturers also said that it could work for the medical field surprisingly, since we are talking about a product related to iOS devices. The device also works on Flight mode as well.

If you are interested in taking a look at this project, then check out their Kickstarter. What are your thoughts on this project? Do you prefer Ethernet or Wifi for everyday usage?
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